School Enrolment

Reception children are admitted to school in Term 1 only if they turn 5 before May.

Transition from Preschool to Reception

Discussions between you, the parent or caregiver, and the Principal of Upper Sturt Primary School will take place, regarding individual children’s needs, prior to your child starting school. Transition times are flexible and negotiable.

Continuing Transition Strategies

There are regular links with kindergartens in our area so that we can ensure a smooth transition and the provision of programs that meet the needs of specific individuals.

School Dress Code

Upper Sturt Primary School has a Dress Code based on the needs of safety and requirement for Bush School.

Any clothing from the accompanying list is acceptable.  Slip-on shoes and jewellery (excluding watches and medic alert bracelets) are non-acceptable due to safety issues.  Sleeper and stud earrings are acceptable.

It is preferable for long hair to be worn up to prevent the spread of head lice.

Hats to remain at school so they are available at all times during school hours.

Hazard vests will be supplied by the school for particular excursions or events.

Sun Smart Policy

Sun Smart Policy – Sunscreen is available at school in the front office.  However, it is suggested that children have their own roll on sunscreen, clearly named.  These will remain in the classroom or backpack.

All students must wear the recommended Sun Smart hats on UV rating days of 3.  Beanies are recommended during the colder weather.

Uniform Items

The following is a list of the uniform items for Upper Sturt Primary School.

  • Polo Shirt – short or long sleeve in red.
  • Polar Fleece sleeveless vest – red
  • Polar Fleece long sleeve jacket – red
  • Polar Fleece Windcheater – long sleeve – red
  • Cargo shorts or long pants
  • Broad Brimmed Hat – red
  • Bucket Hat – red
  • Red Beanie
  • Year 7 windcheater and polo top
  • Wet Weather gear – rain jacket with hood, pants and gum boots
  • Recommend pull on elastic sided boots

Please name all school uniform items clearly

Items on this list can be ordered through the school or through JB’s Wear. Alternatively you may purchase similar items from other sources – The school emblem/logo will be made available to attach to any/all items.

Materials and Services Charge

A flat levy is charged for each year. Stationery is not free as it is part of the Materials and Services charge. Payment may be made in full or arrangements can be made to pay by installment.

School Card Scheme

Government assistance is available for families receiving Centrelink finance. This is called the School Card Scheme. Eligibility is worked out on a “means test” basis and managed centrally through Centrelink.

Further information and application forms are available from the school. Re-application is necessary each year. We encourage parents to access the support they are entitled to.

Bushfire Policy

As Upper Sturt Primary School is located in the Adelaide Hills, it is our responsibility to our school community to put in place a Bushfire policy in the event of a bushfire. The school will be closed on any day which is deemed ‘Catastrophic’ by the CFS. Please check the CFS Website for Fire Ban Rating and current incidents.

The principal decides if excursions are to be cancelled on Total Fire Ban Day.

The oval will be designated “Out of Bounds”

Staff have set duties to protect the school on Total Fire Ban Days and in the event of a bushfire.

Sandwich boards are placed on the two entrances to the school to alert parents on total fire ban days.

Tiwu is the  Fire Refuge, equipped with roof sprinklers, ember proof mesh on windows, heat tempered glass windows and roller shutters. Water and food are kept on site in the event of students not being able to leave at the end of the day to fire danger or road closure. There are toilet facilities in the Refuge Centre.